The Power of Forgiveness from the Laws of Jesus Christ – An Open Letter of Thanks to the Magnificent Staff at Nassau University Medical Center’s Psych Unit


My words. They come from the Dead Sea Scrolls. They come from the aliens who aided Nikola Telsa. “You don’t need to find my love of hope and healing from tall churches of gold and silver, break a piece of wood and you will find me, turn over a stone and I will be there.” The Power of Christ is in my Saudi Arabian/Middle Eastern bloodline. I am related to Sarah, the daughter of Christ and Mary Magdaline. They spoke to me as well as my dead Muslim Imam (Muslim Priestess) grandmother who visited Mecca and went to Hajj. I spent nearly two months in Nassau University Medical Center’s “Quiet Isolation Room” with no hope, over-medicated, drugged to the point of death, where the horrified morning staff had to peel me off the floor naked after I had been burned and shackled.

I have seen death, but it did not AND WILL NOT stop me. Every day I died, and every morning Dr. Robert Barris tried to help me. He saved my life. William Houston saved my life because every morning after reading a chapter of the New Testament, I selflessly handed him my entire breakfast, at dinner I gave away my entire tray, I handed out snacks, I sang my heart out, I danced my ass off, I used every tool the staff gave me to aid me in my alcohol and mental health recovery while the millionaire “fat cat” owners of the hospital starved and murdered all of us.

But we MUST learn Forgiveness. Maria, Tonya, Blanca, Sonya, Barbara, Missy, Joseph, Tony, Beatrice, Bernadette (the strong ass police officer who aided me in my freedom), the generous Lisa who selflessly gave me clothes, to Rochen, to Greg, to Celestine, to the Prince of Ghana, to the magnificent Tanisha Brown, (Jasmine), to little miss Penguin, even to my social worker Helene who I cursed out at every turn, Dr. Barris and his team of specialists saved my life, and gave me the power of my brain to reach heights to which President Donald Trump wrote me this personal letter:



Thank you for your generous contribution to continue the fight to Make America Great Again!

Donald Trump never could’ve won without your support, Ethlyn. And he cannot fix our country without your help.

For far too long, we’ve heard Washington politicians give the excuse that “it can’t be done.” They say we can’t balance the budget, we can’t stop corruption, we can’t control the border, we can’t bring jobs back to our country.

This is America. We can and we WILL get it done.

Now is the time to work together, unite our country, and bind the wounds of our divided nation.

Thank you and God bless you,

Donald J. Trump

I have fought for 14 years to help those with mental health issues. If you are alone, I will talk to you. If you are scared I will hug you. I will love you with endless love because there is no limit to the length of my heart-strings. Do you know why the aliens of New Earth past the Andromeda Galaxy in the binary star system haven’t contacted us? BECAUSE WE DON’T DESERVE IT! As a society, we are broken. We rape, hate, murder, molest and sin on a level of epic proportion. Jesus Christ was an alien. When he comes to me in my heart, the voice of that man echoes in my own magnificent voice. When I cry, the heavens and doves cry at my will. I can stare a wild lion down and make him my brother. I can easily disappear in the magnificent new rain forest of my brethren Guyanese brothers and sisters deep off the shores of South America. My Hopi tribe members cried for me as well as Nikko Bear. His song “Black as Night” was made just for me because as my Native Tribe members know, the Earth is my mother as well as theirs. I can walk barefoot in the dirt, I can fall naked in the sand and let it cover my honey-kissed caramel skin over my perfect body. June 26th is a Holy Date, because I am the equinox of the Roman Calendar, a Moon Child, a Woman of the Water with a voice like Ariel from the Little Mermaid. When you hear me sing your heart melts, when you see me dance your body moves with mine. I will love you till you die and when you die, I will bless you to my extraterrestrial brothers so that you will have a place forever in the stars. I will touch your soul with mine and you will cry tears of joy as you laugh with me and my brilliant smile. When I smile the whole room brightens, when I laugh the whole room laughs with me. I am a showstopper, I am a beauty model, I am a mathematical genius, but one thing I have always known and what I try to teach is humility.


I forgive you Nassau County Police Department. You took away my human rights, but I forgive you. You vandalized my body with your Haldol injections for two months and murdered my spirit, but I forgive you. I forgive you Kirk Windisch even though I committed suicide and you used me and killed my soul for 5 years when I was at the height of my Executive Career at the Yale Club of New York City at the tender age of 24. I forgive you for leaving me at the mercy of a careless “elitist” psychiatrist who threw Lexapro at me while I cried and then kicked me to the curb which led me to  drink more alcohol and lost everything – my man, my career, my apartment and my will to live. The three years that followed were so dark, I spent them all in bed, depressed, drunk and then committed suicide as the staff of Jamaica Hospital pumped my stomach and warned me that I would end up in Creedmore Upstate.

I know darkness. I know pain. Excruciating pain. My legs have burns from a fire pain. I can light a flame to my skin and it will just melt off my skin like wax off a candle. I crashed 4 cars to the point where they looked like a piece of tinfoil and I walked away without a scratch. I am the only woman in the world born without at thyroid gland, and honestly, I can’t tell you what the hell they injected me with when I was born at Brookdale Hospital in 1980 and spent the first six months of my life being experimented on. I talk to aliens. I hear them, they hear me, and as Gene Roddenberry and Leonard Nimoy have told me, “Humanity is just not ready yet.” When Trump leaves office in 2024 after he completes his second term, who knows? Maybe I will run for President. I know I will get the votes for sure, but do I want it? HELL NO! I want me and my husband James to open a Dance Studio/Tattoo Parlor and make it so affordable that ANYONE can come and partake in the festivities. I will make my dance classes so cheap ($25) and I will take on anyone who wants to lose weight and be sexier and confident, NO MATTER WHO YOU ARE. If you smoke crack, I will cure your addiction. If you lost everything, I will give you money. If you are hurt, let my magic hands heal you. I wonder if I try that wine or walking on water trick? Nope. Psychics won’t allow that. The Bible, The Torah, The Quran are mostly fairy tales, but if you add Newton and Einstein’s theorems to them you will see the truth in the words of these sacred texts.

“We Give Thanks. Remembering . . . your work of faith. Works which result from faith. Labor of love. Toil for others caused by love for them and for Christ. Patience of hope. Patient endurance of toil, hardship and persecution through a hope in Christ. Probably a hope that soon these would cease with the coming of Christ. The Thessalonians, as we learn, expected his speedy coming. Knowing . . . your election of God. That you are of the elect, the “chosen nation.” For our gospel came not unto you in word only. God gave the spoken word power, the power of the Holy Spirit which dictated it.”

These are words of an Alien Aramaic language. God the Almighty is the Father of the Universe. The Earth was created in six days but had to be recreated due to the savagery of the Dinosaurs. The Big Bang is the God Molecule. We have the technology, but we use it to destroy. We are not meant to have the power of the Atomic Bomb. The trigger happy nations are pointing arms at each other while my Muslim brothers are flailing their bodies and murdering innocence in a futile attempt to bring about change.

We must remember that we hold God in our hearts, and God’s Will is the Power of Forgiveness. How do you feel when you Forgive someone and you hug them and cry with them? Why do we fight each other the way we do? Why do we hate and why is there so much violence? I am the epitome of violence, yet my soul is soft like a feather. I am a contradiction of myself in which I will fight for you, use the “N” word in Tweets then turn around and cry like a baby at a sappy movie. I married James in Nassau University Medical Center. I put a ring on my finger made of cloth and jewelry and claimed him as my husband because all we had was each other and we survived the Hell of that Psych Ward and made love every time we closed our eyes in our separate beds. A husband and wife need not labels or priests, just a Declaration of Love through adornment. I adore James. He lived a hard life, just like me. HE IS ME. HE IS MY EQUAL. We both got no visits or phone calls for 4 months. We just had each other, and we laughed and lived in that ward with Stars of True Love in Our Eyes. My declaration of marriage is probably the Most Genuine One on the Planet, fuck Megan Markle, seriously.

I forgive you NUMC. I owe you my life. From here on out, we will solve the world’s problems with Mental Health from the most brilliant and greatest city in the world.

My home is New York City. I know her streets, I know her trains, I know her pulse. My heart beats like the lights of Times Square, so come find me, come be my friend, and I will help you be the best you can be and together we live in Peace and Harmony.

Lynn Carefree (Ethlyn Feroz) – Facebook

@LynnLovesTrek (Lipstick and Lace) – Twitter

LynnLovesTrek – Instagram

Contact me if you want to join my movement and help President Trump make us all millionaires and save the United States of America from becoming the Fallen Roman Empire.

If you can’t find a way, I will find one for you.

I love you.

Stay tuned.


About shatteredwishes

I am in my late-thirties just trying to figure out life in a big city. "When in life you are handed lemons, make a vodka martini." "When I am happy I enjoy the music, but when I am sad I understand the lyrics."
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  1. manyofus1980 says:

    nice to meet you lynne! great post, have a blessed day! ❤


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