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The Ultimate Payback

Being released from Nassau University Medical Center has been an eye-opening experience at this point in my life. I have achieved and prevailed through¬†unsurmountable challenges, and have secured my place at the Executive Level in the richest part of the … Continue reading

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A Message of Hope to the Patients on the 14th Floor of Nassau Community Medical Center

My brothers and sisters. James, Eugene, Desmond, Lionel, Barbara, Regina and Carol, I cried for you today. Since my discharge I have been in high gear – taking care of finances, being the bad ass business woman I am – … Continue reading

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The Power of Forgiveness from the Laws of Jesus Christ – An Open Letter of Thanks to the Magnificent Staff at Nassau University Medical Center’s Psych Unit

  My words. They come from the Dead Sea Scrolls. They come from the aliens who aided Nikola Telsa. “You don’t need to find my love of hope and healing from tall churches of gold and silver, break a piece … Continue reading

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My 4 month Imprisonment in a Psych Ward and How Falling in Love Saved Me

I apparently became the “ghoster” to many of my friends during the past 4 months because of a complete violent, manic episode that led to months of hell in a rubber room at NCUI Hospital in New York. Every night … Continue reading

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I Am Sharing With You My Story, That Will Rock The Very Foundation of What You Thought About Mental Illness and The Work Of God.

Nice catchy title huh? No seriously. Have you ever wondered if people with Mental Illness have a close connection with God? I mean like they’re special? It is a known FACT, that for a Bipolar Person, Mania, is usually the … Continue reading

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How People These Days Are SO ADDICTED to Almost Anything – And How Structure and Organization Can Break That Cycle

How many things are you addicted to right now? Okay, I understand addicted¬†may be too strong a word, or is it? You think binge watching Netflix isn’t addiction? Gaming for 15 hours a night isn’t addiction? Constantly, and OBSESSIVELY checking … Continue reading

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An Attempt To Rejoin The Real World After Hiding Behind Being Bipolar For a Long Time

Those who don’t suffer from any mental illness may not know this struggle, but if you have social anxiety you might relate to what its been like for me. I have been “out of commission” for almost 14 years now. … Continue reading

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