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Attacked on Social Media While Suffering with Bipolar Disorder

I have to expose this bitch. After crying for an hour, she needs to pay for her sins. The following is what occurred on Facebook this evening: Lynn Carefree is feeling heartbroken in Roosevelt, New York. 1 hr ¬∑ You … Continue reading

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Please Keep Hope Alive. I am Dying Without My Husband, I am in Pain, But I will Prevail, My Spirit is Strong!

The boils started on my legs this afternoon. My mother scrambled to rub cocoa butter on them while my father said to try the Calamine lotion. I don’t know what to do. I just want to kiss my husband, hold … Continue reading

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A BreakThrough! Come Dance With Me!

Things have FINALLY started to look up. After a HORRID experience this weekend, I FINALLY Have Made it To a Point of Happiness. So join me, Dance with Me with a Collection of tunes on my Sansa SanDisk MP3 Player … Continue reading

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I Might Not Wake Up Tomorrow

Tonight is very hard. I am staring at my Lithium, my Seroquel and my Klonopin and I feel like swallowing them all tonight. I was all ready to sleep after a shower at midnight, and then the tears just kept … Continue reading

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I am Survivor, Let Me Fight For You.

  What is it like to be broken? How does it feel to be completely alone? What does it feel like to be violated and raped by men? The world of men does not understand how to decipher these hardships. … Continue reading

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When There is No Hope, My Soul Still Loves You, Please Hold on To My Love

I suffered yesterday. I went back to Nassau University Medical Center to go to the Gynaecology Department because I was hemorrhaging so much blood from my vagina. And do you know what they did? They stuck a medal tube in … Continue reading

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The Ultimate Payback

Being released from Nassau University Medical Center has been an eye-opening experience at this point in my life. I have achieved and prevailed through¬†unsurmountable challenges, and have secured my place at the Executive Level in the richest part of the … Continue reading

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