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When There is No Hope, My Soul Still Loves You, Please Hold on To My Love

I suffered yesterday. I went back to Nassau University Medical Center to go to the Gynaecology Department because I was hemorrhaging so much blood from my vagina. And do you know what they did? They stuck a medal tube in … Continue reading

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Let’s Get Real For a Second. I Know You’re Probably Sick of Hearing it, But What Do You Really Think of #MeToo?

Trust me this is not some rant about “Girl Power!” (Cue Spice Girls?) but I am honestly deeply disturbed in my heart at what #MeToo has become. Jill Messick’s story hit me really hard, probably more than it should have, … Continue reading

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When You Feel Like An Absolute Slut

All these allegations going around about Harvey Weinstein got me thinking. Do we actually deserve it? I have been flashing my tits and ass to men for months now, and it wasn’t until a guy told me, “well if you’re … Continue reading

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