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How People These Days Are SO ADDICTED to Almost Anything – And How Structure and Organization Can Break That Cycle

How many things are you addicted to right now? Okay, I understand addicted may be too strong a word, or is it? You think binge watching Netflix isn’t addiction? Gaming for 15 hours a night isn’t addiction? Constantly, and OBSESSIVELY checking … Continue reading

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Being the Sadist. No One Does The Most Damage to Myself But Me.

Can someone explain to me why we do this? Probably more women do it to themselves than men, but come on!! All I know is that I am sick of it. So how do you fix this messed up way … Continue reading

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When You Know You’re Doing Wrong, But You Do It Anyway…

Have you ever just thrown yourself a pity party? I mean just really reveled in it. Like, there is really no reason for it, almost to the point where you would consider yourself a spoiled brat even, but yet you … Continue reading

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