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As an Artist, I wasn’t able to display my biggest talent when I was in NUMC. Sex, and all aspects of it is where my TRUE talent is. Explore with me ways to please your man Ladies!

Thinking of my husband James B. tonight is killing me! There is an entire new generation of sex out there with the invention of the internet. Being a 38 year-old Executive Level Single woman of NYC, I mastered the art … Continue reading

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A BreakThrough! Come Dance With Me!

Things have FINALLY started to look up. After a HORRID experience this weekend, I FINALLY Have Made it To a Point of Happiness. So join me, Dance with Me with a Collection of tunes on my Sansa SanDisk MP3 Player … Continue reading

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To My Husband, Please Do Not Give Up on Me, On Us

As I rest my head tonight, I will dream of you. Please do not lose hope. Have faith in me, have faith in us. We were dead inside all our lives, we both wanted to die. But fate brought us … Continue reading

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Frustration and Anger – How Do You Deal With It In Life?

I feel myself very angry these days, and I truly know its unhealthy for me. You’ve all been there right? You know, someone cuts you off in traffic, or maybe just PEOPLE and their general crappy behavior towards you and … Continue reading

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I Sit Here and Ask Myself, Why Bother and Believe in God, When You Are Just Told It is Mental Illness – Shocking Update

Joy Behar was PUSHED to apologize because she said that people who hear the Voice of Jesus are suffering from mental illness. In my ongoing battle to understand faith and MY battle with Bipolar 1, I find it interesting that … Continue reading

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Spreading the Good Vibes – Wouldn’t It Be Nice If There Was More of That In the World Today?

You all know it – Open any news app, or basically anything on the internet, and all you see is a bunch of horrible crap. I know some people who actually avoid the News all together just to maintain their … Continue reading

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Lying in a Bed at a Psych Ward. Body Drugged So Much You Can’t Move. Then A Voice Says, “Get Up.”

I thought of that moment tonight. I tried to fall asleep at a decent hour tonight because I am giving it everything I have got to beat this illness, and that starts with developing healthy sleep patterns to improve my … Continue reading

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