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Where I Have Been, To Where I am Now. The Journey and Awareness of A Remarkable New Truth.

How many mistakes have you made in your life? Could you count them all up and revisit them now? Would it be painful for you? Or would it be empowering? I have seen myself through other people’s eyes and words … Continue reading

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Life Showed Me Yesterday – “There is a Reason You Survived Lynn.”

Everyone has issues. We complain about everything – jobs, relationships, even when our technology craps out on us. But have you ever thought, “does this trivial crap even matter?” Look, I am not gonna get all “High and Mighty” on … Continue reading

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Let’s Get Real For a Second. I Know You’re Probably Sick of Hearing it, But What Do You Really Think of #MeToo?

Trust me this is not some rant about “Girl Power!” (Cue Spice Girls?) but I am honestly deeply disturbed in my heart at what #MeToo has become. Jill Messick’s story hit me really hard, probably more than it should have, … Continue reading

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There Is Should, Would, and What Is

What does it feel like to have a breakthrough? To know that you are exactly where you are supposed to be? You can roll your eyes right now, but if you are reading this post, what are you chasing? That … Continue reading

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My Petty Troubles Seem Infinitesimal In The Wake of a Tragic Loss

Contemplating suicide. I have been there. Many people have. But what is it like to actually see death? I have taken this life for granted. Over the past few days, and into the New Year, I have been writing about … Continue reading

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So Much Guilt in My Heart. A Rocky Start to the New Year…

Have you ever done something that you feel guilty for? Said something in anger or hurt someone without realizing it? I was faced with that tonight as I tried the repair the damage I had done to my social circle … Continue reading

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When You Know You’re Doing Wrong, But You Do It Anyway…

Have you ever just thrown yourself a pity party? I mean just really reveled in it. Like, there is really no reason for it, almost to the point where you would consider yourself a spoiled brat even, but yet you … Continue reading

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